Children’s Museum of Manhattan
is New York City’s cultural destination for children and families. 

We work every day to make transformational experiences available to all children – to inspire their curiosity about the world and their confidence to explore it. We do so by offering fun, immersive, interactive opportunities for families and children with a focus on healthy lifestyles, early childhood learning, creativity and world cultures. By tackling complex ideas in engaging, innovative ways that children can see, hear and feel, we set the standard for what a children’s museum should be. More than 350,000 families walk through our doors on West 83rd Street annually. Thousands more enjoy the museum experience through our outreach programs at schools, shelters, libraries and hospitals. Join us for fun, learning  and more.

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Children's Museum of Manhattan Board of Directors

Laurie M. Tisch  Honorary Chair
halley k harrisburg  Chair
Miyoung E. Lee  Co-Vice Chair
LaMae Allen de Jongh  Co-Vice Chair
Rajeev Narang  Treasurer
Mark R.T. Adkins  Secretary
Shannon Bauer Aronson
Will Blodgett
Michael J. Boublik
Michael Cohen
Renée Edelman
Justin Hamill
Judith Hannan
Myron Kaplan
Martin Laiks
Kevin B. McGrath
Mohsin Y. Meghji
Matthew Messinger
Nancy Roberts
Matthew Rothman
Marcia L. Warner
Teri Weiss
Bette Korman  Founder/Director Emeritus
Andrew S. Ackerman  Executive Director